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Relevant data leads to more insights. More insights lead to better decisions. Through our 360° analytics solution we provide you with all relevant KPIs regarding your media value. By using Machine Learning to deliver automation and scalability, we enable your organization to increase its efficiency throughout every step of your campaign. Thanks to our advanced artificial intelligence solution, we are sponsored by the technology startup programs of the Deutsche Telekom and Nvidia as well as by the hardware technology companies WesternDigital and XMG.

By detecting your brand positioning and determining your perception among your target group, we provide you with a deeper understanding of your sponsorship activities within the esports and gaming community. For this purpose, we cover all relevant social media and streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Being part of the gaming community is at the heart of who we are. By combining an extensive gaming and esports background with perfect business knowledge, we ensure the success of your sponsorship engagement within the ecosystem.

Staying connected to the right information at the right time and place is crucial for the success of your sponsorship engagement. Our analysts not only ensure that all data is subject to a quality check, but also help to exploit the full potential of all the collected data. With our assistance, data-oriented decision making becomes a key competence of your organization.


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NameShikenso Analytics
BrancheInternet und Telekommunikation
Mitarbeiter11 - 50 Mitarbeiter
Aktiv im Esportseit 4 Jahren
Webseitezur Webseite
Zuletzt aktual.1.Dez.2022

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